Vineyard & Cellar

The vineyard of the family includes 15 different appellations which are divided into 36 parcels located in the Hautes Côtes and o the South of the Côte de Beaune. This great variety, as a reflection of the diversity of Burgundy, is linked to the history of its geology, tis climate...
François, Blandine and their son Lucien grow the vine with precise aims :

  • To create a work environment where everyone can fulfill their potential and express themselves freely.
  • To ensure the continuation of the domain, with constant innovation and always with the greatest care for the environment and the human beings.
Visits of the vineyard can be organized on demand for groups up to 50 people.

They offer you several means of discovering their "terroirs", in French, English or German, via tasting enhanced by various pieces of information, depending on your sensitivities :

  • The history of Burgundy set in parallel with that of the preceding generations
  • A technical approach to vine growing and wine making
  • The discovery of the way of life in Burgundy, its festivals, its traditions
  • The formation of soils and landscapes
  • The diversity of "climats" and parcels
  • The artistic and ciltural creations of Burgundian winemakers and the family in particular : Poetry and Sculpture

In short, a concentrated look at Burgundy